Smoked Duck with Fresh Herbs

Last week I finally managed to get my garden all taken care of. I planted a plethora of fresh herbs, tomatoes, beans, peppers, and even threw in a couple sunflower plants for good measure. With the weather on the east coast lately I came out to my garden yesterday and had fresh rosemary, basil and cilantro already ready for the picking!

I’ve had a frozen duck in my freezer for a while now, just waiting for the right time to cook it. I figured it was time to de-thaw it and give it a whirl. I decided to smoke it on my bbq using indirect heat (setting the duck on the opposite side of where the coals are) and let it cook on low for a few hours outside.

This recipe is open to interpretation because essentially you can prepare this duck any way you prefer. A lot of frozen ducks come with a traditional orange glaze you can use for flavor. I used the orange glaze along with some extra soy sauce and a bit of honey to combine for a homemade glaze.  I utilized my herbs from the garden and put fresh cilantro, basil and rosemary atop the duck.

I got the charcoals going pretty well, until they were glowing while I set two small foil tins next to them on the lower level of my grill. I filled the tins with apple juice.

I set the duck on the opposite side of the charcoals, on top of the foil tins as shown in the photos. I checked the duck approximately every 45 minutes or so, making sure the temperature stayed below 200 degrees. The total cooking time on this duck was around 3 hours with a couple glazings in between. I removed the now glowing duck from the grill after a nice char formed and I wrapped it in tin foil for roughly another hour to continue cooking.

And there you have it – a nice and easy Sunday dinner prepared and ready to go!

*If you’re adventurous you can smoke the neck, liver and any innards left in a small tin foil pouch alongside the duck. *pictured


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